Get Paid to Design our Bigbellies!

By June 21, 2019News

The Yerba Buena District is home to many of the biggest museums and cultural centers in San Francisco where people come from all over the world to visit. Part of the YBCBD mission is to help promote the neighborhood as a destination for unique cultural discoveries, public performances, and memorable, unexpected artistic experiences.

Recently, the YBCBD has installed new Bigbelly “smart” refuse collection units that are instrumental in keeping the district cleaner. These units are also a wonderful opportunity to artistically enhance and promote our community with original artwork by local artists who can help us proudly announce the artistic atmosphere of the district.

In total there are 21 YBCBD Bigbellys in the neighborhood. We are looking to replace the graphic wraps at nine (9) of the locations immediately, and the remaining locations as needed. We are seeking a total of three (3) artists to create three 2D flat work designs for three (3) Bigbelly units each. There are no limitations for the theme of designs submitted. A committee will select artists based on the design theme described in the application enclosed. The three selected artists will each receive $1,000 for their final artwork to be placed on the units for approximately one year.

If you’re interested in submitting for this opportunity, please fill out the enclosed application included in this packet no later than July 26, 2019 at midnight.

Information beyond the application may be requested to make final selections.