Wanted: Ideas to help design our community!

By September 21, 2017Events, News

The Yerba Buena Community Benefit District (YBCBD) is seeking proposals from qualified Consultants to conduct an update to the Yerba Buena Street Life Plan, first published in 2010, that identified 36 projects to improve the beauty and functionality of the District’s public streets, alleys, and public spaces. The Consultants are expected to design and lead a community process that would build upon the learnings of the current plan, and identify criteria and projects that would improve the mobility, sustainability, and beauty of the District.

You can download the RFP here.


The YBCBD received a total of seven questions regarding the Request for Proposals for the new Yerba Buena Street Life Plan before October 5th. Responses to these questions are below.

1. A considerable amount of projects and initiatives were proposed in 2010 and it would be very informative for bidders to understand how the new plan will transition from the 2010 ideas into a new set of ideas. Please clarify how the first published Street Life Plan in 2010 might influence the New Plan?

Response: The 2010 Yerba Buena Street Life Plan has been a great tool for the YBCBD to understand community priorities for streetscape improvements in the District and prioritize capital investments. The YBCBD hopes that the new Plan will place an increased focus on criteria for selecting and prioritizing streetscape projects, in addition to preliminary conceptual plans for some projects. The selected consultant will need to be familiar with the 2010 Yerba Buena Street Life Plan and the existing Plan should be used as a resource where relevancy remains, but the YBCBD considers this as a new effort.

2. What were the lessons learnt, ‘hits’ and ‘misses’? Has there been an evaluation on the success of each implemented project and initiative OR will this be part of the new plan’s analysis?

Response: The selected consultant should expect to discuss past projects and lessons learned with YBCBD staff, Board and Committee members during the Plan development. The new Yerba Buena Street Life Plan, will not include a formal evaluation section however.

3. Will the new plan be expected to build upon projects and initiatives that were not realized for some reason due to schedule or budget constraints?

Response: At this point, the YBCBD is uncertain if these components will be included in the new plan. As previously stated, the YBCBD is very interested in a new Yerba Buena Street Life Plan that will engage with stakeholders to articulate community-supported enhancement projects while drawing any relevancy from the 2010 plan.

4. (the following two questions are related and answered together below)
Please clarify the range of project budgets implemented under the 2010 plan and how this will likely compare to the new plan?

Response: This item includes a scope item for “a preliminary proposed implementation and construction budget for each of the 5-year proposed projects”, and states: “Budgets must be itemized and reflect current construction, labor and material costs.” Is this meant to be carried out for each identified project? This seems an unusual deliverable for the scope of Conceptual level projects to be identified – please provide more information regarding the detail of expectations – for example, are you anticipating that a cost estimator be engaged?

Response: The YBCBD seeks to get high-level cost estimates for projects through this planning process. These figures help the YBCBD to prioritize our efforts and sequence our projects given budget constraints. The range of projects in the 2010 Yerba Buena Street Life Plan vary from street furniture to alley parks. Scale of projects will likely be similar in the future.

5. Is there a list/description of existing public realm projects and plans?

Response: The 2010 Yerba Buena Street Life Plan includes all previous project and plan recommendations. Please visit https://ybcbd.org/services/ and click on the link within the “Streetscape Improvements” box. Contact NPatel@ybcbd.org if you need any assistance.

6. Will you be making available the Agreement for Administration referenced in section VI as stated?

Response: Yes – the YBCBD will send a copy of the Agreement for the Administration of the YBCBD between the City of San Francisco and the YBCBD to any firm who requests it. Please contact NPatel@ybcbd.org with any requests.