Yerba Buena’s public realm is notable for its diversity, creativity and liveliness. We fund streetscape programs – large and small — to improve our public spaces with artful bike racks, seating, public art, and more. Our goal is to enhance the livability, safety, vitality, inclusivity and sustainability of the district — to make an original neighborhood even better — with projects that have a defined purpose. Our Streets and Public Space Committee spearheads ideas and recommendations working together with the Yerba Buena community on these incredible projects.

Our Yerba Buena Street Life Plan 2019

Our Yerba Buena Street Life Plan 2019 | An Evolution is a guide to improve public spaces in our district. It helps constituents and partners identify and prioritize improvements to the district’s public spaces. The plan builds upon a previous plan and clarifies district characteristics and values for users to incorporate into future projects and criteria to evaluate ideas. The YBCBD uses it to evaluate both long-term, large-scale projects and short-term, site-specific projects. For all, this plan helps shape ideas for public realm improvements Yerba Buena.

Project Highlights

As part of the YBCBD’s Mission, we identify areas of the community that can be elevated through beautification projects. Our Streets and Public Spaces Committee helps identify potential locations in Yerba Buena and through partnerships and advocacy efforts, works to transition community ideas into realities for all to enjoy. Below are the projects in which we are currently engaged and those which have been completed.

Current Project

Annie Street North Redesign

The re-examination of public spaces in our Yerba Buena Street Life Plan has led the YBCBD to support and work with community partners to create more livable and productive public spaces. The northern intersection of Annie Street at Market is being redeveloped into a more open, flexible space that will allow for more events and activations. It will also open up and connect Market Street to neighborhood alleyways such as Annie, Jessie and Stevenson. This project will be completed in partnership with San Francisco Public Works, and the plaza’s adjacent neighbors Brookfield Properties, The Palace Hotel, JMA Ventures, and the Hearst Corporation.

Current Project

Yerba Buena Benches and Bike Racks

There are infinite possibilities to enhance and beautify streets and one such way is through unique public furnishings. These benches and bike racks, created solely for Yerba Buena, were designed and manufactured exclusively for our streets and bring both the age-worn historical aesthetic of our city with modern patterns and work from local artists. These furnishings have been incorporated into City improvement projects and new development projects, and can be requested by community members and property owners in the neighborhood.

Past Project

Parkmobiles – Mobile Parklets

Inspired by the City’s Parklet program, the YBCBD designed the first ever mobile parklet out of dumpsters- Parkmobiles! From 2011 to 2019, we rotated several Parkmoiles throughout the district with support and sponsorship from local property owners. The units provided both lush greenery as well as a resting areas for community members and pedestrians. The YBCBD partnered with San Francisco Planning and Recology to make this program successful.

Past Project

Annie Street (South) Plaza Project

Between 2013 and 2016, Annie Street at its intersection with Mission Street was converted into a public plaza space which allowed for respite and activations. The award winning Annie Street South Plaza project demonstrated how with a little creativity underused alleyways could be altered for more diverse and equitable uses.