Post-APEC Restoration Information

By November 2, 2023News

As you may know, APEC events are coming to a close. Thank you for your continued patience as our City has safely welcomed leaders from across the world.  


The security protocols put in place by the US Secret Service officially end at 10:00 PM today, Friday, November 17th. Security infrastructure is beginning to come down in phases. This includes the fencing, transit reroutes, delivery and parking restrictions, and pedestrian checkpoints.  


Removal of security infrastructure will be completed as quickly as possible. 



Fencing will come down in sections beginning tonight. You can expect temporary street closures and sidewalk closures as crews are working in the area. Streets and sidewalks will be reopened for vehicle and pedestrian access as fencing is removed. 



Pedestrian and vehicle checkpoints will stop being active later this evening. This means that vehicles can start driving freely through the formerly-secure areas. This includes rideshares, delivery app drivers, social service providers, and the like. Pedestrians will be able to come and go without any restrictions, even when or if all the fencing hasn’t been taken down yet.  



Commercial deliveries no longer need to get screened at Pier 27 before delivering to a business in a formerly-secure area. Deliveries can now be scheduled without timing restrictions. However, impacts may still be felt as particular areas of fencing are being removed. 



Posted street parking restrictions are in effect until Monday, November 20, even if security measures have been removed. The 5th and Mission/Yerba Buena garages resume operations on Monday, November 20. 



Most of the impacted Muni lines will resume regular service by Monday, November 20th. Visit for updates before you travel. Continue to budget extra travel through Monday. 


Community Branch Next Steps/311 

The Community Branch team will continue to operate through 5:00 PM tomorrow, Saturday, November 18th and can be reached directly to help respond to immediate challenges you’re facing. They are your best and most immediate source of information during those hours. Contact us at and via phone at 628-652-1814. After 5pm on Saturday, November 18th, please call 3-1-1 for non-emergencies. 


For emergencies any time of day or night, call 911.  


To find this information and links to other relevant City sites, visit